The Flower of Knighthood

Skills, experience, and leveling

All skills will level up by actions. If you want to improve your tanning skills, you need to practice. The same is with all other craft working and battle skills. In addition to this, if you want to increase your skill, you need to produce or perform actions and goods with increasing difficulty. You can’t make a hundred bad swords and become a legendary blacksmith! 

Another important thing is that your skills will decrease each day if you do not practice. If you do not fight for a long time, you will lose your combat skills, and it works the same for a blacksmith or builder. 

At the end of the day, all your skills will be decreased by one. To keep skills on the same level or increase them, you need to practice. But you can also ‘freeze’ some skills on the current level. Each night or day (it depends on your play time), your character and yourself need to rest.

The full rest is 8 hours and taking it will restore 4 or 8 skill points that you can distribute. You can place not more than 2 points in any one skill to prevent the situation where you go to bed as an experienced builder and wake up as a tough warrior. You should keep in mind that there are many more skills than 8, so you will be able to maximise only skills that are important for your playstyle. 

When you come back to the game after days or months of absence, you will get the double amount of skill points to distribute. You can’t save more points. In addition to this, a player can always freeze an account to go on vacations. In that case, the character will not lose any points nor get any additional points. These vacations would be closed with the first login into the world of The Flower of Knighthood.