The Flower of Knighthood

Beginning of the game

The Flower of Knighthood is a historical MMORPG in which players can immerse themselves in the atmosphere of Europe's mid-fourteenth to early fifteenth centuries. The game is based on a concept of maximum realism and historical accuracy in the gameplay.

The world of the game is set in the Middle Ages -  a rough but exciting period. Every character needs to eat, rest, train to keep his skills on a high level, and he will hardly ever survive alone.

To get a sword and armour a character will need to be a good merchant or a skilful blacksmith. And it is important to realize that you’ll not be able to be an amazing tanner, tailor, joiner, farmer, builder or warrior simultaneously. You need to focus on some skills and sacrifice others. As in real life sometimes it is better to buy something than learn how to make it by yourself. And some occupations can become a real vocation. You can become so skilful and well known that players from another cities and castles will line up to visit your workshop.

But not all problems can be solved with money and peaceful skills. The Middle Ages are famous for its feudal conflict and wars, in which only an experienced warrior could survive. A good sword and armour help win a battle, but the winner has to show real skill in weapon handling, train hard and rest well before the battle. The battle system consists of 11 lines of attack, 5 types of blocks and numerous combinations that make your own devastating style.

Rest assured that not all battles will be honourable: to overcome all difficulties and injustice of the world you’ll need to find loyal friends and clans to conquer a castle, protect your land and destroy your enemies.