The Flower of Knighthood

Massive PVP and PVE battles

Talk of ‘massive’ does not mean 100 vs 100. We want to make it possible to gather armies of 1,000 people on each side of the battle. This allows you to implement diverse tactics and combat strategies. You can use archers to weaken your opponent’s army and then send heavy swordsmen with high shields in to attack, and in the most tense moments you can strike with your cavalry into the opponent's flank. You can experience the feeling of being involved in a full-scale medieval battle. Defend your castle or fight in an open field, use the terrain features for your benefit and make an unexpected ambush. 

In times of peace when there are no risks to your castle you can gather friends and sail to foreign lands where you will find hundreds of enemy NPCs and, of course, rich spoils. Rare weapon and armor, gold and resources - all of this awaits you in these military campaigns. 

In addition to this, we are planning to organize weekly and monthly events. Massive battles on a stand-alone map, where you can die but will not lose all your stuff; bandit invasions that will be coordinated by selected players and of course tournaments, where each player can demonstrate his mastery.