The Flower of Knighthood

Interactive interface

Nothing should prevent you from feeling yourself in the Middle Ages, so we decided not to use the traditional windows interface. Lack of hit points makes it’s indication unnecessary. Visual indication of stamina is replaced by audio.

Your character’s inventory is not a window with slots, it is your bag in which you can put things that will fit inside. You take your bag off, open it, take an item lying on the ground in your hand and put it inside. Interaction with chests, horse bags and other inventories is the same.

For some interaction we use different items. For example, to use the castle interface you should open a special book in the main castle room and there you can change taxes, the number of guards, and so on.

We know that interface usability is more important than originality. We will do a lot of tests and iterations. But we are confident that we can find the way to make our interactive interface easy-to-use and intuitive.