Hardcore medieval MMORPG with unique combat system

"The Flower of Knighthood promises to be the most immersive and richly detailed medieval game ever made. The gameplay will give players a deeply engaging and exciting taste of the late-medieval world, allowing them to explore its landscapes, settlements and everyday activities. Reconstructions of buildings, objects and materials are based on extensive research in archaeological reports and historical documents and illustrations. Working on the project has been a stimulating and rewarding experience and I can’t wait to see the final results and gamers’ reactions."

Dr Stephen Mileson, Oxford Historical Consultant

Unique combat system

As the main point of our game is realism, we have completely rejected hit points. We use an armor penetration system, involving just your weapon and the enemy’s armor. Strikes from 11 different directions and 5 block types make each battle exciting.

Authentic craft system

Thanks to Dr Stephen Mileson from Oxford University we are creating a maximally authentic craft system. It means that during craft activities you will accurately repeat the actions of 15th-century blacksmiths, carpenters, leatherworkers, tailors and other craftsmen.

Increased opportunities for trading

Resources are distributed unevenly throughout the map and given the size of the game location (50x25 km) and the lack of instant travel, trade turns into a complex but profitable business.

Interactive interface

Nothing should prevent you from feeling that you are experiencing life in the Middle Ages, so we decided not to use the traditional widows interface. 

Skills, experience, and levelling

All skills will level up by actions but, and every day all your skills will decrease by one. A full rest will restore 4 or 8 skill points that you can distribute. You can place not more than 2 points in any one skill. 

Massive PVP and PVE battles

Talk of ‘massive’ does not mean 100 vs 100. We want to make it possible to gather opposing armies of 1,000 people. 

Realistic graphics 

We use Motion Capture technology and we engaged a multiple champion in historical fencing. We use 3D scans of real grass, stones, land, mud and so on, and use them as textures in our game. Even a human model is a 3D scan of a real man.